Young voices on climate change

Young voices on climate change

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The Young Voices on Climate Change films present positive success stories of youth, ages 11 to 17, taking the lead in finding local solutions to the climate crisis and reducing the carbon emissions of their homes, schools and communities. The films document win-win scenarios. Creating less pollution and waste and saving money are in everyone’s self-interest.

The films feature dynamic young people such as 11-year old Felix Finkbeiner, a German boy who plants a million trees; Team Marine students who ban plastic bags — saving fossil fuel and marine life; Green Ambassadors who reduce waste through a “Clean Canteen” campaign and “Clean Plate Club”; four Florida middle school girls who do an energy audit and save their school $53,000; and Alec Loorz and his “imatter” and “Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuel” campaigns.

The films can create a sea change in the way that we all act to address global climate change. This campaign, reminiscent of earlier campaigns to encourage people to wear seat belts, to recycle, and to stop smoking and littering, will create change from the youth up.

Their poignant young voices reach our hearts as we watch them creating and implementing their own carbon-reduction projects, garnering support from scientists, teachers, parents and peers, and taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Beautifully filmed in high definition, these short films (3-6 minutes) were produced and directed by author/illustrator Lynne Cherry (best known for her rain forest classic/bestseller, The Great Kapok Tree) and were inspired by her award-winning children’s book, co- authored with Gary Braasch, How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming.

You can watch the films or order the DVD at Showing and discussing the films would make a perfect EARTH DAY event!

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