Shell: "Erratum" to Annual Report

Shell: “Erratum” to Annual Report

Shell: “Erratum” to Annual Report

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Erratum to the Annual Report

Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2010 Annual Report: Special Edition

Download the report.

A new report published by Friends of the Earth International spoofs Shell’s 2010 annual report in order to call attention to the egregious climate, human rights and environmental impacts of the company’s oil and gas operations. From the Alaskan arctic to the Niger Delta, the “erratum” highlights 12 cases on five continents that expose Shell’s complicity in human rights violations and widespread pollution as it drills for dwindling oil reserves and expands production and sale of dirty and questionable fuels such as tar sands and biofuels. The tell-it-like-it-is spoof report serves as a wake up call for Shell’s shareholders and board.

The report release was timed to coincide with Shell’s annual general assembly in The Hague on May 17, and Friends of the Earth campaigners and representatives from affected communities were on hand to present copies to Shell shareholders.

Friends of the Earth International is demanding that Shell:

• Clean up pollution and compensate victims;

• Improve maintenance of its operations to avoid new cases of pollution;

• Reduce the carbon footprint of its operations;

• Terminate operations posing severe risks to water supplies, health, agriculture, and biodiversity, such as high-volume gas-fracking, tar sands, Arctic and deep sea drilling; and

• End human rights violations and compensate the victims of such abuses.

Media release | Download report (pdf)

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