24 hours to stop Keystone XL

24 hours to stop Keystone XL

24 hours to stop Keystone XL

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UPDATE Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. EST: We’ve smashed through our initial goal of half a million and are now over 672,000 messages to the Senate! Unfortunately, some of Big Oil’s bought-and-paid-for friends in the Senate are putting the heat on as well: on Monday afternoon, a group of senators closely tied to Big Oil filed an amendment to the transportation bill that would ram through approval of Keystone XL. A vote could come as early as this afternoon and we’re not letting up. Take action and spread the word. 

UPDATE Monday, 5:30 p.m. EST: We just got word that we’re at 400,000 messages to the Senate and counting! This is why activism matters. Please help us keep spreading the word far and wide.

Remember that first rule of Keystone XL? Don’t underestimate the vice grip of Big Oil on our democracy, especially when it comes to its pet project.

As you’ve probably heard by now, on January 18, President Obama denied the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline—a project that would have piped the world’s dirtiest oil through our heartland—determining that it is not in the national interest.

With that decision, the environmental and progressive movements won an iconic victory—at least temporarily—two years in the making that seemed to buck conventional wisdom and Big Oil’s bottomless war chest. Now we’re faced with the reality of just how temporary this victory could be.

Help us reach 500,000 messages to the Senate. Click here to sign the petition.

The Senate could vote as early as this Tuesday on a deal that would greenlight construction of the pipeline—overturning President Obama’s rejection of Keystone XL last month. As you read this, the oil industry is lobbying hard to tighten the screws on the remaining senators they need to resurrect the ‘zombie pipeline.’

That’s why for the next 24 hours our movement is uniting again. Our goal is to blitz senators with 500,000 messages between now and the vote demanding that they reject Keystone XL.

Friends of the Earth is working with dozens of organizations—from 350.org to CREDO Action to the Indigenous Environmental Network—and we will be joined by bloggers, media figures and celebrity allies to make our message unavoidable.

The strategic and dogged activism of people from different walks of life all across the country was a crucial lynchpin in winning the last round on Keystone XL. We took on Big Oil’s Goliath and won the first round of this fight—and we can do it again—but we need a big and bold army of Davids.

This can work. In the past month, progressives successfully united online to protect the open internet from SOPA. We need to bare the same grassroots muscle over the next 24 hours to stop the pipeline. The urgency is clear: We can’t fight climate change AND burn through Canada’s tar sands oil. The pipeline would endanger people all along its path, while benefiting Big Oil alone. Every single oil industry claim about positive economic impacts has been proven false by independent review.

We don’t have a second to lose. We’ve got 24 hours to keep the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline dead.

Twenty four hours from now, Friends of the Earth will join in a march to the Senate with 50 giant boxes, each holding 10,000 signatures—or hopefully more! It will be a unified show of our power once again: our voices against the dollars of the fossil fuel industry.

We need you to sign the petition – and then email your friends, share it on Facebook and Twitter, phone and text everyone you know and shout out the news from the rooftops.

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