Reclaim the UN from corporate capture! Send a letter to the UN Secretary General today.

Reclaim the UN from corporate capture! Send a letter to the UN Secretary General today.

Reclaim the UN from corporate capture! Send a letter to the UN Secretary General today.

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Friends of the Earth U.S. has today united with the many organizations that form our Friends of the Earth International Federation in order to send a strong message to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. We ask that you join us in urging him to end corporate capture of the United Nations. The UN is the only forum we have to address global problems, in which all of the world’s 192 countries have an equal voice. However we have witnessed a concerning trend where UN policies are serving public interest less and less, and instead promoting the agenda of corporations.

We are very concerned about the growing influence of big corporations and business lobby groups within the UN, through government delegations, and in multilateral negotiations. As governments gather again in Rio de Janeiro this month for the Earth Summit, we believe it’s time to reclaim the UN from corporate capture, and restore it as a space of the people.

For the past twenty-years governments have tried to agree on ways to save our planet — and ultimately our lives. We are now facing multiple global crises — people around the world can no longer remain silent about the false solutions being offered and the environmental injustices that remain unresolved.

Join our campaign. Send a letter to the UN Secretary General and ask him to stop the business lobby and reclaim the UN! 

We request a clear public statement from the UN, which highlights the need to serve public interests and not those of big business. We ask the UN to make a commitment to take concrete steps that will limit industry’s influence in UN decision-making processes. Steps to be taken include limiting the privileged status that business currently has in official UN negotiations and policy-making and increased transparency around corporate lobbying at the UN; disclosure of existing relations between the UN with the private sector; a review of existing UN-business partnerships, and a halt to entering into any new such partnerships; a code of conduct for UN officials; and the establishment of a legally binding framework to hold companies accountable to environmental, human rights and labor rights laws. For more information on these demands please see our civil society statement.

Thank you for your support!

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