Recovering in Sandy's wake

Recovering in Sandy’s wake

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This week, Hurricane Sandy fulfilled what many of us had been dreading as we watched it move up the coast: its landfall on the coast of New Jersey and a merger with a massive cold front left millions in the East without power, shelter, or worse. As we recover from the storm and begin to rebuild, Friends of the Earth extends its condolences to the millions affected.

We highly encourage those not affected to take part in the recovery efforts by making a donation to the Mayor’s fund. We also encourage you to check out Occupy Sandy, which has been organizing relief centers and the distribution of donated goods. Every donation, no matter how small, will help make the healing process smoother and quicker.

Next week’s general election means we — as voters and activists — are in a unique position this year to make a difference in the longer term. When choosing a candidate, please be sure to consider his or her record on climate change, clean energy and environmental protections in general. Hurricane Sandy was a fossil-fueled storm, a superstorm exacerbated by the warmer seas and more moisture-laden atmosphere. The climate is changed — and we need leaders who will address this new normal. Find out where you can vote.

Finally, Friends of the Earth wants your help to break the silence. We have launched a Tumblr site to catalog the disastrous effects of the storm. If you have a personal photo of Sandy’s impacts in your area, please share it with us. The stronger our voices are in unison to call out extreme weather for what is, the faster pundits and politicians will wake up to the reality we want climate action now. 

As we join together to recover from the storm, our thoughts are with those recovering in Hurricane Sandy’s wake, both here in the U.S. and in the Caribbean, and we hope that those not affected can take a moment to assist in the recovery process. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we act. Friends of the Earth will be coming back to you with ways to take action in the coming weeks.

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