Why GMO Labeling Matters--Read these Blogs!

Why GMO Labeling Matters–Read these Blogs!

Why GMO Labeling Matters–Read these Blogs!

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Why is GMO labeling critical for our environment and health? Read the articles below to find out why people across the country care about GMO labeling, and why Washington State’s GMO labeling initiative impacts us all!

Labeling GMO foods is one of the first important steps we need to take to protect our right to know what we are buying and eating and move forward towards a healthier, more sustainable food system.  And in a few short weeks Washington voters will have a historic opportunity to make labeling of genetically engineered food a reality by voting yes on I-522, the GMO labeling initiative.

Make sure to share these articles with your friends and family, whether they live in Washington State or elsewhere. Let’s win the right to know what we are eating!

Check out more articles in our blogger carnival:

Breaking Bad, The DNA Files Center for Environmental Health by Ali Geering-Kline

Please Just Label My Food Cluttered Genius by Lydia Richmond

Spread the Word About Labeling GMOs! Colie’s Kitchen by Nicole Sherman

Truth & Lies: Cutting Through the Propaganda of WA 522 Commercials Creative Green Living by Carissa Bonham

Junk Food Lobbyists Sued for Money Laundering in Washington State Eat Drinks Politics by Michele Simon

How to Enjoy a GE-Free Fall Food & Water Watch by Briana Kerensky

Warriors on the Front Lines of Washington’s Battle to Label GE Foods Food & Water Watch by Julia DeGraw

Food Manufacturers, this is getting old… Green America by Elizabeth O’Connell

I-522–It’s not just about Washington State Green Grandma by Hana Haatainen Caye

5 Reasons to Avoid GMOs It Takes Time by Andrea Fabry

Labels Matter Just Jeanae by Jeanae Osborne

Vote Yes on 522! Little Island Studios by Nicki Bradley

GMO Labeling is Important for Consumers Little Mama Jama by Kristin Novotny

GMO Labeling and Our Food; Why it Matters Live from La Quinta by Debbie Woodruff

Major Food Companies Launch A New Trick in Washington’s GMO-Labeling Campaign Living Maxwell by Max Goldberg

America’s Immune Response to GMOs The Non-GMO Blog by Ken Roseboro

GMOs: Why Should You Care About Them Parenthood, Seriously?! by Megan Anthony

Follow Monsanto & Co’s money Pesticide Action Network by Paul Towers

Just Label It: Five Reasons to Label GMO Foods Train with Bain by Elizabeth R. Bain

GMO Cheat Sheet: Arm Yourself Against the Invasion Veritey by Adrienne Peres

Why I Believe GMOs – GE Ingredients Should be Banned Outright by Cori MacNaughton

Girl with GE fish

Veritey by Amy Ziff
2. SlickHousewives by Bianca Mcneace
3. The Mami Blog by Cinella J. Reyes
4. Living MaxWell by Max Goldberg
5. Healthy Home Magazine by Erin Naumowicz
6. Green Grandma by Hana Haatainen Caye – See more at: /news/blog/2013-10-bloggers-unite-for-gmo-labeling#sthash.2Xmu5zl2.dpuf

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