Friends of the Earth gives thanks

Friends of the Earth gives thanks

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Here at Friends of the Earth, we spend a lot of time fighting destructive projects and policies. But sometimes we forget to say thank you for the people we love and the practices we admire. There are many reasons we give thanks today, and we wanted to share a few with you. From the Friends of the Earth family to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

kari_photo_WFANsm.jpg“I’m thankful for organic farmers who work long hours for low pay to bring us great tasting food that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals.”

– Kari Hamerschlag, Senior program manager, Food and technology program

adam_bio_sm.jpg“I’m thankful for bike lanes, cycletracks and a cycling culture that makes it safe for me to get to work on my own power (and with zero carbon emissions).”

– Adam Russell, Associate editor and content specialist


“I’m thankful for new rules, to take effect in January, that will drastically cut air pollution from shipping for much of Canada and the United States.”

– John Kaltenstein, Marine policy analyst

Judith_Bourzutschky_2.jpg“I am thankful for those who contribute time and money to support the tireless work our campaigners perform hour after hour.”

– Judith Bourzutschky, Bookkeeper

Bill_Waren_web.jpg“I’m thankful for Friends of the Earth Europe’s spirited fight against a U.S.-EU trade deal that threatens the climate and the safety of food and chemicals.”

– Bill Waren, Senior trade analyst


“I’m thankful for having my family and friends at Friends of the Earth to help me overcome all my trials and tribulations throughout this painful year.”

– Sharon Smith, Senior accountant

lgalvao_sm.jpg“I’m thankful for scientists and analysts who work hard, often against the current and in hostile contexts, to provide us with the facts about important issues, helping us dismantle myths that sustain unjust systems. I’m thankful to members and activists who take the time to understand the facts and then stand behind them, against very powerful interests, in support of a healthy and just world for everyone.”

– Luisa Abbott Galvão, Climate and energy associate

semhal_tekeste.jpg“I’m thankful for storytellers who find creative ways to share the causes that affect all of us.”

– Semhal Tekeste, Senior digital communications strategist

Conantheadshot.jpg“I’m grateful for the miraculous balance that keeps this living world hurtling along, for the unbelievable complexity that allows life to keep bubbling up in its myriad forms, and for the lifelong commitment of so many people to keep up the historic struggle to build conscious cultures of peace, justice and resilience.”

– Jeff Conant, Senior international forest campaigner

Lisa_Archer.jpg“I’m grateful for the farmers and farmworkers pioneering a sustainable, just regenerative and resilient food system.”

– Lisa Archer, Director, Food and technology program

MKnodel.jpg“I’m thankful for the millions of people who marched together in solidarity in New York City, to send a clear and urgent message to world leaders: equity and justice demand that we take immediate action to mitigate and adapt to climate change from the local to international level.”

– Marissa Knodel, Climate campaigner

K.Sawyer_1.jpg“I’m thankful for foundations who understand our progressive perspective.”

– Kathy Sawyer, Grants manager


“I’m thankful for mixed recycling. I can recycle almost everything and just throw it all together.”

– Madelyn Rygg, Chief financial officer

DOUG_2.jpg“I’m thankful for the growing number of people world wide who are standing tall to protect their communities and the environment.”

– Doug Norlen, Senior manager, Economic policy program

matoto_headshot.jpg“I’m thankful for media producers who understand the importance of creating compelling images to inform and persuade public opinion for the greater good.”

– Josette Matoto, Graphic designer

Kate_headshot_resize.jpg“I’m thankful for writers who see climate disruption as breaking news every day.”

– Kate Colwell, Rapid response communications specialist

MKeever-web.jpg“I am thankful so many folks are fighting to protect our world for future generations including my new baby girl!”

– Marcie Keever, Oceans and vessels program director

Happy Thanksgiving from Friends of the Earth.

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