#IllRideWithYou, Roots of Gun Massacres & Climate Changes Dual Reality

#IllRideWithYou, Roots of Gun Massacres & Climate Changes Dual Reality

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Abby Martin, discusses the hostage crisis in Sydney, Australia, and how a Twitter campaign fought the Islamophobia that emerged from it. The second anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and the potential reasons gun violence is so common in the US. Karen Orenstein of Friends of the Earth talks about the climate change talks in Lima, Peru, and what the agreement between the world’s nations means for the future of these talks. Finally, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed on what was not discussed in the torture report and his claims of censorship at the Guardian newspaper, where he used to work.

#IllRideWithYou, Roots of Gun Massacres & Climate Change’s Dual Reality

-RT/YourNewsline 12/16/2014

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