Renewable Fuel Standard does more harm than good

Renewable Fuel Standard does more harm than good

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Though cellulosic ethanol holds promise as a potential renewable energy source, we cannot adapt a “by whatever means necessary” approach to developing it. Industry advocates, like James Greenwood in a recent Congress blog entry, argue that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) ? the federal policy that mandates ever-increasing volumes of biofuels be blended into the fuel supply ? helps spur innovation, bringing us closer to commercializing these fuels. However, the unfortunate reality is that after nearly 10 years, the cellulosic industry is still stalled. Meanwhile, the broken policy has mainly accelerated corn ethanol production to unsustainable rates, harming the environment it is meant to save and leaving millions of people at risk of going hungry.

Renewable Fuel Standard does more harm than good

-The Hill 12/13/2014

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