Podcast: Offshore drilling moves in the coming years

Podcast: Offshore drilling moves in the coming years

Podcast: Offshore drilling moves in the coming years

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Listen in with AM950’s The Daily Report and Marissa Knodel, our climate change campaigner, as they discuss the future of President Obama’s role in offshore drilling. Check out the time between 28:26-39:30 for her comments:

The reality is that we’ve leased more fossil fuels onshore and offshore than we can safely burn. About 38 million acres along the outer continental shelf has been leased and about 6.5 million of those are producing. 21 million of that has been under Obama. The reality is that if we are to have a safe climate future and remain below that 2 degree threshold that scientists say is safe, but under which we’ll still see some very significant consequences, all those fossil fuels have to be kept in the ground. So the climate needs to be the bottom line as Obama moves forward.

Marissa Knodel currently works on the Keep It in the Ground campaign with Friends of the Earth. With a joint J.D. and Master of Environmental Management, she’s well-versed in the climate justice implications of climate adaptation strategies among Alaska Native communities and South Pacific island nations.

Stay tuned for plans to halt new fossil fuel leasing in 2016.

To contact Marissa for future discussions, email her at [email protected]

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