This is how we will fight for people and the planet

This is how we will fight for people and the planet

This is how we will fight for people and the planet

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Donald Trump poses a serious threat to our society and our environment. He made his way to the White House by tapping into the deepest and darkest fears in our country and exploiting them. It’s on all of us to fight back.

We are outraged by Trump’s political appointees: he is putting racists, xenophobes, chauvinists and anti-Semites in the highest levels of government; he is handing over regulation of industry to top corporate insiders, ultimately cultivating a culture of corruption. His conflicts of interests continue to grow and his promise to give his adult children his assets in a “blind trust”, while positioning them on his transition team, appears to pose yet another conflict of interest.

The next four years won’t be easy and they won’t be pretty either. In his first 100 days, Trump will try to cancel restrictions on the production of shale and clean coal which will worsen climate destruction.

But, we are committed to joining forces with partners beyond the environmental community to fight Trump and the corruption, racism, Islamophobia and misogyny he embodies. Trump still has not publicly denounced the KKK who endorsed him on the campaign trail and defended Steve Bannon who is known as a racist and anti-Semite. We must work hard to safeguard people and the planet from hateful people and Trump’s lack of action on condemning the violence in his name.

This Washington Post article outlines just how much is at stake and just how committed our opposition is to seeing their destructive plans through. The gains we have made over the past years are now in serious danger and there isn’t a moment to waste before we get to work.

Friends of the Earth was made for this fight. We know how to bring people together and mobilize movements. We are tough, scrappy and aren’t afraid to stand up and speak truth to power. Join us.

The team at Friends of the Earth has already started to build out the framework of how we can fight back come January 20, 2017. Our six-point plan includes:

  1. Defeating or damaging appointees: Trump will surely, and has already, surround himself with some of the worst environmental actors and corporate cronies. Our team will ensure that those appointments come with a struggle. And, should they be approved, we will expose and watchdog their every move.
  2. Taking them to court: Trump has already committed to undoing some of the greatest environmental victories we have had over the past years. Using the courts we will tie-up any attempts the new administration makes to undo our progress while also using lawsuits to go on the offense.
  3. Blocking bad legislation: Republicans may have control of both the House and Senate but that doesn’t mean all is lost. By partnering with champions for our cause, we will work to filibuster destructive policy proposals. Now is the moment we need our allies on Capitol Hill to boldly stand up for what’s right and we will be knocking on their doors to ensure that they do.
  4. Continuing to fight in the boardroom: Some of Friends of the Earth’s biggest successes have been the result of corporate campaigns. Backed by our broad and deep membership we will continue to put pressure on companies to do the right thing. A few recent examples of this include our work to get 65 retailers like Lowe’s to remove pollinator killing pesticides from their shelves, restaurants like In-and-Out Burger, Subway and others to stop sourcing meats that have been treated with antibiotics, or driving grocery stores to stop selling GMO salmon.
  5. Gaining ground in the states: With the Federal Government an unlikely ally, we will focus our energies on the states to ensure we continue to move the needle forward.
  6. Uniting with our international community: Friends of the Earth U.S. is one chapter of an international federation of diverse grassroots-based environmental organizations in 73 countries. Together we work in solidarity for sustainable, equitable and just societies. The Federation has already united to back us and to speak out against and delegitimize Trump. With this international force behind us, the United States’ ability to become a rogue actor and Trumps ability to back out of international agreements will be more difficult.

Sixteen years ago when faced with the election of President Bush, the environmental community utilized some of these same tactics and successfully blocked the most egregious attacks on the environment. Trump is worse but we know they can work, and we are starting on day one.

With you on our team we will have the resources to be more vigilant than ever. We will harness the progressive community’s energy and turn it into change. We will show up — time and time again — to protect people and our planet. And, we will fight like hell for our shared values of a more healthy and just world. Because hate, greed and environmental destruction are unacceptable and we refuse to be complacent.

Take action: Join us to build a healthy and just world!

Originally published at Medium.