Cruise Ship Pollution Effects on Marine Life

The cruise industry is a gigantic, multibillion-dollar industry. Since these aquatic vessels arrival on the scenes in the early 1900s, cruise ships were considered a symbol of luxury. They were the epitome of the high and glamorous life. In the 1960s, the “modern-day” cruise began to take shape. It turned… Read More

Solutions to Cruise Ship Pollution

The cruise industry is a big business – a big billion-dollar business! Millions of people take to the seas year after year, and the number of tourists is expected to continue to rise. Unfortunately, as the cruise industry grows, so does the impact it has on the environment. Cruise ships… Read More

US Ports Poorly Address Environmental Justice Concerns

by Katie Chicojay-Moore, Oceans and Vessels Fellow Air pollution from large container ports has been a historically neglected environmental justice issue. Near-port communities tend to be communities of color, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged and are disproportionately exposed to pollutants. While there have been significant efforts to reduce emissions from… Read More

Cruise Industry Restart Demands

With the industry almost completely halted due to the COVID-19 crisis, Friends of the Earth sets out the following demands before the cruise industry should resume its operations in the United States. Read More

What would a clean cruising industry look like?

In order to have clean cruising, we need the cruise industry to stop contributing to the climate crisis, polluting our air and water, destroying marine ecology, oceans, beaches and coral reefs with waste, and hiding their emissions. Read More

Cruising in an era of coronavirus

The cruise industry must address the consequences of cruise pollution, and implement the necessary protections for public health before cruising can continue in a post-COVID-19 world. Read More

COVID-19 and oil transport: The issue with too much oil

The environmental damage - let alone the lives lost - from an oil tanker collision, grounding, or sinking because of a hurricane would be catastrophic. Read More

Trump is exploiting a crisis to industrialize our oceans

The federal government continues to take full advantage of an unprecedented time for America to push forward controversial and shameful corporate agendas. Read More

For Arctic Indigenous people, is foresight 2020?

It is important for Arctic Indigenous peoples to be heard at this crucial meeting, to help people understand why we need the Arctic to remain cool by reducing emissions from shipping and other sectors. Read More

International examples offer US a blueprint for aquaculture regulation in 2020

For many years, powerful corporations, assisted by the very U.S. agencies tasked with protecting and managing our ocean resources, have collectively been pushing for development of industrialized fish farms off the coasts of our shoreline communities. Read More

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