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Bee Habitat Loss

Bee populations are in decline, in part because of habitat loss and destruction. Find out more about why it’s happening and the impacts. Read More

Why is Roundup Still Being Sold?

The popular herbicide is still being sold despite over 125,000 lawsuits. Explore how dangerous this product truly is. Read More

Monarch Butterfly Endangered

In July 2022 monarch butterflies were classified as endangered. This iconic insect is teetering on the brink, but you can help. Find out how. Read More

What Can I Do to Help the Bees?

Looking for ways to help bees survive? Check out these actions you can take from home to protect our vital pollinators. Read More

Are Bees Really Disappearing?

Bee populations are declining year after year, disappearing in front of our eyes. Learn which bees are most at risk & how you can help Read More

Monarchs and Milkweed

Without milkweed, monarch butterflies would cease to exist. Unfortunately it is in short supply, which is leading to the decline of these colorful creatures. Read More

Why Are Monarch Butterflies Important

The loss of milkweed plants, winter habitat, and climate change are all pushing monarchs to the brink. The monarch butterfly is now a candidate to be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act Read More

It’s time for Kroger to step up to help save the bees

Without pollinators, grocery stores would run short of a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and delicious favorites like chocolate and coffee. Read More

Foods bees pollinate

Bees pollinate over 130 fruits and vegetables, and a variety of seeds, nuts, and plants. Find out more about the foods bees pollinate. Read More

Why are bees dying? Pollinators need your help before it’s too late

The latest honeybee numbers are dire. 44% of bee colonies in the US were lost last year, and summer losses were the highest ever recorded. Help protect pollinators. Read More