Expanded Offshore Drilling Threat Brings New Attention to Oil Tanker Spill Risks

Voicing opposition to the Phillips 66 oil tanker onslaught in SF Bay is a logical extension to opposing the greed of the Trump-Zinke plan to pursue new offshore oil drilling in federal waters off the California coast. Read More

The Alaskan Arctic to California Crude Connection

This dynamic is on the verge of changing, as the threat of increased oil tanker traffic in California to feed the refinery sector is raising awareness about the sources of that crude oil. Read More

Protect the Pacific from Trump

The environmental, climate, health, safety and economic risks from Trump’s extreme energy agenda are numerous, but they are not the only dangers presented by expanded offshore drilling. Read More

Is California Selling Climate Illusions?

The Governor has spent the last months promoting the expansion of complicated market-based carbon trading mechanisms, known as “Cap-and-Trade,” as a cornerstone of state and global climate policy Read More

Oil spill damages San Francisco Bay just two years after Cosco Busan

Last Friday, October 30th, the oil tanker Dubai Star spilled an estimated 400-800 gallons of bunker fuel into San Francisco Bay almost two years to the day after the Cosco Busan spilled over 50,000 gallons of bunker fuel into the Bay. The bunker fuel spread out into a 4 mile long slick and has currently polluted at least six miles of Bay shoreline closing several Read More

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