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Following $10 billion Roundup settlement, Bayer uses climate program as front to lock in control of farmer data and sell more Roundup

The Growing Climate Solutions Act is a false promise to farmers and a failure on climate; companies like Bayer are showing exactly how they would make money off these schemes. Read More

Bayer, Monsanto and Big Data: Who will control our food system in the era of digital agriculture and mega-mergers?

Based on a recent poll, 91.7 percent of farmers surveyed are concerned that Bayer-Monsanto will control data about farm practices. Read More

Can Organic Farming Feed the World?

Compared with industrial agriculture, organic farming is less energy intensive, helps pollinators and other beneficial insects flourish and promotes biodiversity. Read More

Dirt, Democracy and Organic Farming: A recipe for feeding the world

Feeding the world is not about increasing how many bushels of grain we can grow, it’s about dirt, democracy, and our diets. Read More

Scientific American science panel may get lost in translation

Agrichemical companies and their allies are spending tens of millions of dollars a year on tobacco-style PR tactics to flood news outlets and social media platforms with misleading messages. Read More

The Assault on Organics: Ignoring science to make the case for chemical farming

With the proliferation of industry-associated scientists, websites and opinion pieces attacking organic agriculture and spinning their narratives about the safety of chemical-intensive GMO foods, reporters and the public must probe deeper and question the real motives behind these so-called “independent” sources of information. Read More

More spin than science: The latest efforts to take down organics

A recent Oxford University study found that “organic farms support 34 percent more plant, insect, and animal species than conventional farms,” including important pollinators. Read More