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GMO Animals: From Lab to Factory Farm

Instead of altering the animal, we need to fix the farm. Instead of creating GMO pigs that are resistant to diseases, we should focus on the root cause of the problem: industrial agriculture and horrendous factory farm conditions. Read More

Why Non-GMO Plant Based Proteins are One Solution to Factory Farming

Why do we need genetically engineered proteins when many other safe, sustainable and healthy non-GMO or organic plant-based meat and dairy replacements, and other plant proteins, are available and growing in popularity? Read More

2018 Farm Bill Watch: A Sneak Attack on the Organic Standards?

Because of its promise for rural America, organic agriculture has growing support from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. So why is there language in the Farm Bill that would weaken the organic standards? Read More

The Future of Food: The Next Generation of GMOs

Instead of investing in potential problems masquerading as solutions, shouldn’t we invest in the transparent, organic, humane, and socially just production of real food in a way that benefits farmers, food-chain workers, consumers, animals, and the environment? Read More

Is “Food-Tech” the Future of Food?

What do we want the future of our food system to look like, and shouldn’t we all have a say in that? Read More

Permanently changing a species: What could go wrong?

We must ensure that corporations and governments (particularly militaries) are not developing gene drives and cannot misuse this technology in ways that could have profound ecological, health or socio-economic impacts. Read More

Synthetic biology and the bioeconomy: Feeding fuel to the fire of landgrabs and biodiversity loss

There must be a moratorium on synthetic biology – something Friends of the Earth is pushing for internationally – to ensure this emerging technology is properly regulated and does not threaten the environment, biodiversity, human health, or social justice. Read More