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Trump is exploiting a crisis to industrialize our oceans

The federal government continues to take full advantage of an unprecedented time for America to push forward controversial and shameful corporate agendas. Read More

International examples offer US a blueprint for aquaculture regulation in 2020

For many years, powerful corporations, assisted by the very U.S. agencies tasked with protecting and managing our ocean resources, have collectively been pushing for development of industrialized fish farms off the coasts of our shoreline communities. Read More

Your tax dollars at work: The Trump administration just created a map showing mega-corporations where they should industrialize the ocean next

Our oceans are home to important and endangered marine species, and shouldn’t be treated as mere uncharted areas for mega-corporations to industrialize. Read More

It’s not deja vu. Congress really is trying to pass another failing industrial ocean fish farm bill.

We can continue to feed the global population without further industrializing our oceans by utilizing recirculating systems and through sustainable wild-capture fishing, agroecological shellfish, and plant mariculture in the open ocean. Read More

Proposed senate bill would turn oceans into fish feedlots

The Trump Administration is making a huge push to bring destructive and polluting industrial ocean fish farming to U.S. waters. Read More

Industrial Ocean Fish Farming — Bad for the Ocean, Fish, and People

Industrial ocean fish farming is looking to take over our oceans and hijack our wild seafood, leaving no room for local fishing communities, tribes, tourism, ship traffic, and recreational anglers. Read More