Procter & Gamble Sources Suffering from Indonesia’s Forests

A report released by Friends of the Earth US and WALHI finds that Astro Agro Lestari are caught up in land conflicts with local communities, and are responsible for environmental and human rights abuses. Read More

Fighting to Win: How an Indonesian Land Defender Stood up to Conflict Palm Oil

As industrial agribusiness razes the world’s last standing forests and accelerate the climate crisis, land defenders are fighting back. Read More

Financial Incentives To Slow Deforestation Are Helpful – But Public Policies To Stop It Are Essential

by Jeff Conant, senior international forests program manager, and Merel van der Mark Among the first announcements made at COP26 was a promise made by over 100 countries to halt and reverse global deforestation by 2030. The promise came with a nearly $20 billion commitment of public and private finance to… Read More

At the World’s Largest Corporations, Personnel is Policy: That’s Why Responsible Investors Must Replace Climate Deniers on Corporate Boards

The world’s largest asset managers call the climate emergency one of the largest material risks to long-term corporate stability. Read More

Bucking a long trend of negligence, shareholders urge Bunge to halt deforestation

A majority of shareholders voted yesterday for Bunge to explain its plans to deal with deforestation, it should be seen as a step forward in the financial sector’s willingness to tackle the issue. Read More

Three months since Procter & Gamble’s historic shareholder vote on forests, the company has no plans to end forest destruction.

The world’s largest consumer goods company continues failing to address concerns over its deforestation and forest degradation in the boreal forest of Canada and tropical forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Read More

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. Where is the finance sector?

Let’s be clear: all exploitation of resources by our industrial society depends on exploitation of the people within whose lands and territories those resources lie. Read More

BlackRock’s silence on forest destruction

Since 2012, BlackRock has had 15 chances to vote in favor of shareholder resolutions to halt deforestation. One hundred percent of the time, it voted against action on deforestation. Read More

In Crisis, Learning from Ecologies of Care

As we face this crisis, there are important lessons we can learn to build the future we want to see as we recover. One of those lessons should be that transforming our relationship with the natural world may be our best bet for safeguarding our future. Read More

We need our tropical forests more than ever

Our violent disregard for biodiversity and our own part in the web of life has generated a perfect storm of global proportions. When the world returns to normal – if the world returns to normal – let’s use this time to think about which parts of normal we want to return to. Read More

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