US Ports Poorly Address Environmental Justice Concerns

by Katie Chicojay-Moore, Oceans and Vessels Fellow Air pollution from large container ports has been a historically neglected environmental justice issue. Near-port communities tend to be communities of color, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged and are disproportionately exposed to pollutants. While there have been significant efforts to reduce emissions from… Read More

COVID-19 and oil transport: The issue with too much oil

The environmental damage - let alone the lives lost - from an oil tanker collision, grounding, or sinking because of a hurricane would be catastrophic. Read More

For Arctic Indigenous people, is foresight 2020?

It is important for Arctic Indigenous peoples to be heard at this crucial meeting, to help people understand why we need the Arctic to remain cool by reducing emissions from shipping and other sectors. Read More

Arctic Indigenous Voices made a difference on polar shipping in 2018 – and 2019 looks promising too

It’s not every day that elder Alaska Natives are heard and respected by leaders from around the world. Read More

I went Dungeness crabbing in Washington for the first time this fall. Here’s why I’m concerned about increased shipping from Trans Mountain pipeline.

We would see an estimated 700% increase in shipping traffic in the Salish Sea. With it would come increased risks to fishing families, coastal communities and our marine wildlife. Read More

As history and records are set in 2018, the world must listen to Arctic Indigenous Peoples at IMO

Pollution threats from HFO tie into the very fiber of our lives — affecting our access to healthy wildlife for food and the quality of our lands. Read More

The foreseeable end of vessel heavy fuel oil use in the Arctic

The threat posed by heavy fuel oil in the Arctic is substantial. In fragile, ice-covered marine environments, use of this fuel by ships is a disaster waiting to happen. Read More

IMO advances anti-pollution initiatives at MEPC 72

Being part of the IMO process is integral for the health and wellbeing of our oceans. I am thankful for our partners and funders for helping to make a difference in the lives of Arctic communities, wildlife and the environment. Read More

International Maritime Organization (IMO) advances key navigation protections for the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean

As someone with family and ancestral roots in the Arctic region who tries to inform their communities on such proposals, I was glad to be able to testify as a representative from Friends of the Earth. Read More

Protect the Pacific from Trump

The environmental, climate, health, safety and economic risks from Trump’s extreme energy agenda are numerous, but they are not the only dangers presented by expanded offshore drilling. Read More

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