Tragedy in America’s meatpacking plants linked to decades-long history of corporate consolidation

Despite their significant role in feeding the country during this crisis, food and agriculture workers, and meatpacking workers in particular, have not been adequately protected. Read More

GMO Animals: From Lab to Factory Farm

Instead of altering the animal, we need to fix the farm. Instead of creating GMO pigs that are resistant to diseases, we should focus on the root cause of the problem: industrial agriculture and horrendous factory farm conditions. Read More

Green New Deal for farming: Address climate crisis and revitalize food system

Our agricultural system is so intertwined with the economic system that is causing the climate crisis that any Green New Deal will need to address how we produce and consume what we eat. That will require actions from combatting corporate consolidation to ensuring fair prices for farmers to supporting growers to transition to sustainable farming practices. Read More

Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System to Save Our Climate

Our current industrial food system, and the policies that prop it up, are a central part of the climate crisis, and transforming them must be a central part of the Green New Deal solution. Read More

Changing the Main Course of Climate Change

Agriculture produces an astounding one-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Meat and dairy alone generate about half of those food-related emissions — more than the combined tailpipe discharges from every plane, train, car, bus and boat around the world. Read More

Foodservice corporations should choose people over profits

Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass group often have exclusive contracts with “Big Food” corporations that systematically lock out smaller, more sustainable producers, fair trade companies, and local farmers, ranchers, and fishers—especially those who have been disenfranchised. Read More

Climate-friendly menus can take a big bite out of climate change

Livestock production accounts for about 15 percent of global GHG emissions — more than the tailpipe emissions from all the planes, trains, cars and trucks in the world combined! Read More

Why Non-GMO Plant Based Proteins are One Solution to Factory Farming

Why do we need genetically engineered proteins when many other safe, sustainable and healthy non-GMO or organic plant-based meat and dairy replacements, and other plant proteins, are available and growing in popularity? Read More

50 Groups Denounce Roundtable on Sustainable Beef as Greenwash

The coalition is encouraging the USRSB “to go back to the drawing board and develop a new framework and plan of action — including the need for regulatory change — that generates far more environmental, economic, health and other benefits for stakeholders.” Read More

With Multiple Drafts and Amendments, Which Farm Bill Reigns Supreme?

America’s eaters and farmers deserve a Farm Bill that addresses our many food-related environmental crises, from climate change to soil erosion and pollinator decline. Read More