Pollinators need your help before it’s too late

The latest honeybee numbers are dire. 44% of bee colonies in the US were lost last year, and summer losses were the highest ever recorded. Help protect pollinators. Read More

We can and must save our pollinators from extinction

The Western Bumblebee is facing rapid population declines. Their situation is urgent. Help avert the extinction of these essential creatures. Read More

Only 29,000 western monarch butterflies were found in California this year – down from millions.

The numbers are in. Only 29,000 western monarch butterflies were found in California this year – down from millions. Help Friends of the Earth protect pollinators. Read More

Biden’s ambitious goals for climate and agriculture require bolder strategies

The need for change is urgent, and the benefits to farmer and worker livelihoods, our climate, natural resources, and public health is immense. Read More

Following $10 billion Roundup settlement, Bayer uses climate program as front to lock in control of farmer data and sell more Roundup

The Growing Climate Solutions Act is a false promise to farmers and a failure on climate; companies like Bayer are showing exactly how they would make money off these schemes. Read More

Banning bee-killing pesticides in wildlife refuges

Bees in wildlife refuges are losing their ability to navigate due to toxic pesticide exposure. Help Friends of the Earth to protect these essential pollinators. Read More

EPA is letting a brain-damaging pesticide poison us

Chlorpyrifos – a toxic pesticide – is being allowed to poison our planet thanks to the EPA. Friends of the Earth is pushing Congress to ban it. Read More

Pesticide companies are driving monarchs to extinction

Monarchs have had record declines for two years in a row. The loss is so bad, they need Endangered Species Protection. Learn how you can help! Read More

Healthier school food is key to fighting COVID-19 and systemic racism

Congress should mitigate the racial health disparities that leave Black people so vulnerable to COVID-19 by ensuring every student has access to nutritious school meals. Read More

Bees and other pollinators are under attack

Bayer claims to care about bees, yet they still sell bee-killing pesticides. See how Friends of the Earth is pushing Bayer to do better for pollinators. Read More

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