Donor Profiles: “A Legacy for a Healthy Planet” • Friends of the Earth

Donor Profiles: “A Legacy for a Healthy Planet”

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Taketa family

“Friends of the Earth is our legacy voice for a healthy planet,” shared Rick Taketa. “Ensuring a healthy environment, clean air and water and healthy food, as well as protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable economies are goals our generation must pass along to future generations.”

Rick, a former board member, and his wife, Alexandra, have a lifelong appreciation of nature and a passion for protecting our planet. Their activism began while in college where they were motivated by pollution’s effects on both natural habitats and public health. 

After both pursuing careers with the grassroots environmental organization Greencorps, Alexandra and Rick went on to work for the Sierra Club, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Public Interest Research Group and Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund. Both continues working on environmental issues in graduate school, with Alexandra receiving her master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University. Rick earned his law degree from Stanford University. 

Rick and Alexandra are especially concerned about the negative health and environmental impacts from overuse of chemicals and genetic modifications in our food supply.

“Friends of the Earth focuses on the root causes of environmental problems and promotes change that is multi-generational,” Rick said. “The organization has been at the forefront of inspiring many cutting-edge initiatives – reducing subsidies to polluters, promoting environmentally friendly tax policy, early identification of the pitfalls of GMOs and the positive impacts of protecting bees.

“When Alexandra and I made our estate plans,” Rick continued, “it was important to include support for an environmental organization where our gift could have the broadest possible impact. Friends of the Earth is best positioned to leverage our gift most effectively and efficiently for the future.

“We have witnessed Friends of the Earth’s work for over two decades and have reviewed the organization’s history. Friends of the Earth has stayed true to its core values and long-term approach of attacking the root causes of critical environmental and societal issues. Alexandra and I have confidence the organization will remain intellectually honest, politically effective and focused on the future.

“We are proud to share that Friends of the Earth is included as one of our charitable legacies. Alexandra and I strongly believe it is imperative to protect environmental health for generations to come. As parents, we are stewards of today’s planet and want to do all we can to ensure a sustainable future for our children and beyond.”