Our Recommendations to Obama's Ocean Task Force

Our Recommendations to Obama’s Ocean Task Force

Our Recommendations to Obama’s Ocean Task Force

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Friends of the Earth submitted comments to President Barack Obama’s Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, led by the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  We commend President Obama for addressing the critical need for a national policy unifying ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes protections and we make recommendations for improving regulation of the significant air and water pollution from the shipping industry.

Our Recommendations to Obama’s Ocean Task Force

The disparate nature of U.S. ocean governance has led to a dearth of regulations surrounding industries that pollute our oceans, specifically, the shipping industry.  The commercial shipping industry is responsible for dumping great amounts of pollution into our air and water and has long avoided meaningful pollution controls.  The combined factors of flags of convenience, overlapping government jurisdictions, and moving pollution discharges have made it possible for the shipping industry to remain under-regulated.  Friends of the Earth urges the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force to make recommendations for our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes that address the lack of regulation surrounding the shipping industry.

Friends of the Earth Actions to Reduce the Pollution from the Shipping Industry

Read our comments to EPA requesting stronger vessel air pollution regulations.
Read our petition to EPA requesting stronger sewage discharge standards for ships.
Read our petition to NOAA requesting a vessel discharge ban in National Marine Sanctuaries.
Read our petition to EPA requesting regulation of vessel greenhouse gas emissions.
Read our comments on proposed Marine Highway shipping expansion plans.
Read our IMO submission on Arctic shipping impacts.
Read our comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service regarding U.S. Navy endangered species impacts.

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