How Biden and Congress can build back better

2021 Priorities

As we emerge from this historic pandemic, President Biden has committed to “Build Back Better.” Friends of the Earth believes that this economic rebuilding has the potential to foster a transformation that is much bolder than an incrementally improved version of the status quo.

We envision a once-in-generation just transition from an extractive economy to an ecologically regenerative society — a transformation that closes gaps in racial and wealth inequality, and creates a healthy and just world for us all.

We need to build back:

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Friends of the Earth reacts to the release of DOI report Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful

The Department of Interior just released a report on achieving the U.S. goal to conserve 30 percent of our lands, waters, and ocean by the year 2030

Biden’s Climate Commitment Falls Far Short of U.S. “Fair Share”

The U.S. climate target unveiled today is magnitudes below the United States’ fair share of climate action, both in terms of actual greenhouse gas reductions and providing finance and other assistance for communities in the Global South as they reel from a climate crisis they did not create.

Environmental, environmental justice, development, faith, and youth groups urge Biden administration to commit to a “fair share” climate target at Earth Day Climate Leaders’ Summit

Nearly 100 civil society organizations sent a letter to the Biden administration urging climate action that prioritizes the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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