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Taking Action for Climate-Friendly School Food

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Designed for student leaders, teachers, educators, and beyond, we hope these resources are helpful for sharing climate-friendly food knowledge with your peers and local community. Climate-friendly school food means serving more plant-based entrées at school, incorporating organic where possible, and reducing food and food packaging waste. 



The Climate-Friendly School Food Presentation and Discussion Guide are designed to help school leaders, teachers, and community members educate others about climate-friendly school food (what it is and why it is important). We hope that these resources inspire and empower people with the necessary tools and resources to get involved in advocating for climate-friendly school food! For more information on climate-friendly school food advocacy opportunities, click here.

The Climate-Friendly School Food Presentation includes sample talking points for each slide in the “notes” section. For a full script, click here. We encourage folks to personalize their presentation and discussion questions based on audience and personal experience! All materials are FREE and available for download so that you may edit, add in your own slides, or make any necessary adjustments.  

If you use any of these resources to give a presentation or lead a discussion, please let us know!  

Friends of the Earth is part of a national, growing movement of organizations and individuals working to improve school food for the benefit of the health of our students and the planet! We are excited to share a spreadsheet with some of the incredible resources our partners have contributed to the climate-friendly school food space.

This Partner Resources Spreadsheet will be updated periodically as new resources and materials become available to the public. If you have a climate-friendly school food resource you’d like to contribute, please share it with us at [email protected]!

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To learn more about Friends of the Earth’s Climate-Friendly School Food Program, check out our homepage and one-page document outlining our work. 

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