Student Action Opportunities for Climate-Friendly School Food

Student Action Opportunities

Student Action Opportunities
for Climate-Friendly School Food

We cannot solve our climate crisis without changing the food on our plates. This webpage is designed for students interested in advocating for climate-friendly school food.  

On this webpage: How to take action at your own school district, how to get involved in federal advocacy work, access to information and resources all about climate-friendly school food, and hear from other students leading campaigns! 

Student Advocacy

Listen to high schooler Sarah tell her story of student advocacy at Milpitas Unified School District.  

Federal Policy

Learn how students are advocating for federal policy to support more plant-based school food options!

Student Blogs

Learn from students who led movements at their schools to adopt plant-based foods.

More ways to get involved

  • Give presentations to your peers (e.g. student clubs or classes) to encourage other students to support climate-friendly school food — use this educator resource for guidance.
  • Pass a climate resolution in your school district. Learn how here.
  • Advocate for federal support to expand plant-based options in schools by supporting the Healthy Future Students and Earth Act.
  • Start an online petition to demonstrate support from your peers and school community. Check out this example from high school students in California! 
  • Watch and share the Student Action Video on social media using the sample message below. Feel free to customize and get more information from this social media toolkit.
    • Note: Be sure to check with your parent before posting on social media if you’re under the age of 18
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Background Reading  
  • Factory Farming Awareness Coalition’s Advocacy Institute offers programs for high schoolers and college students to deepen their understanding of the impacts of factory farming on climate change and biodiversity loss, animal ethics, social justice issues for workers, and more.  
  • Acterra’s You(th) Be the Change Program is a free education program for middle school students consisting of six interactive sessions for students where they learn about climate science and solutions both globally and locally – and take action!  
  • For college students (Undergraduates, Master’s, and PhD students): Take a 15-week long Project Green Course to explore climate and social justice, sustainability, advocacy, and public health.