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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is outrageously corrupt. He spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on luxurious travel and millions of taxpayer dollars on an excessive security detail. He lived in a $50 a night D.C. condo owner by the wife of an energy lobbyist. He broke federal law by spending $43,000 on a private phone booth without telling Congress. And the laundry list goes on.

Pruitt is the most dangerous and effective member of Trump’s cabinet. He has actively torn apart our environmental regulations. He has made it easier for his corporate friends to pollute our air and water or spread their toxic pesticides. He has suppressed science and spewed industry talking points. Pruitt is the ultimate example of what happens when Big Oil’s darling is in put in charge of protecting the American people.

Friends of the Earth is holding Scott Pruitt accountable for his blatant corruption and misuse of taxpayer dollars. We drove a digital billboard around EPA Headquarters and the White House, calling attention to his corruption. We put up posters around D.C. highlighting his sweetheart rent deal which got the attention of reporters at the New York Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Hill. We teamed up with 22 groups to gather signatures from the public, calling on Congress to fire Pruitt. We called for his firing with full-page ads in the New York Times and New York Post. We worked with members of Congress and got 170 lawmakers to sign on to a resolution, calling for Pruitt to resign. And we aired an ad highlighting Pruitt’s scandals on Trump’s favorite TV program: Fox & Friends.

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Pruitt’s EPA decisions should be suspended until corruption investigations are complete

Every piece of policy Scott Pruitt touched must be frozen in its tracks. Pruitt may be gone, but his toxic corruption at the EPA will live on if Congress fails to act.

GOP blocks effort to hold Pruitt accountable

Congressional Republicans yesterday gave Scott Pruitt a free pass, failing to hold him accountable for his unprecedented list of scandals. Congress should root out Pruitt’s corruption, not bury it.

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Falling dominoes: Are Scott Pruitt’s scandals finally catching up to him?
Falling dominoes: Are Scott Pruitt’s scandals finally catching up to him?

Scandals have plagued EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt since he first took office in 2017. From first class travel to huge raises for his closest aides, Pruitt has abused his position and wasted our tax dollars enriching himself, his family and his friends.

Scott Pruitt: Errand Boy for Corruption
Scott Pruitt: Errand Boy for Corruption

As head of a top government agency, Pruitt should be using our taxes responsibly to help protect the environment. Instead, he’s using them to do his dirty laundry. LITERALLY.

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