Scott Pruitt: Errand Boy for Corruption

Scott Pruitt: Errand Boy for Corruption

Scott Pruitt: Errand Boy for Corruption

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Scott Pruitt is an ethical disaster and an errand boy for corruption. He’s wasted taxpayer money sending his aides to do absurd tasks like purchasing $1,560 worth of silver penspicking up his dry cleaning, and getting a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel. Gross on so many levels.

As head of a top government agency, Pruitt should be using our taxes responsibly to help protect the environment. Instead, he’s using them to do his dirty laundry. LITERALLY.

Friends of the Earth thinks it’s only fair he do the dirty work for ordinary Americans and help us with our to-do lists. We asked members to give us their to-do list messages for Pruitt, and over 17,000 of you responded. We sent them straight to Scott Pruitt’s personal email, [email protected] (an email address he previously lied to Congress about never using for conducting official business).

Take a look at just a few of our favorite responses below!