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Agricultural Carbon Markets, Payments, and Data: Big Ag’s Latest Power Grab

A report from Friends of the Earth and Open Markets Institute reveals how this approach will fail to address the climate crisis while enabling the largest agribusiness corporations to entrench their market power and greenwash their operations. 

Visually Recognizable Foods Fact Sheet

Current regulations requiring plant-based protein foods to be “visually recognizable” create barriers for school food operators.

Policy Brief: Regulatory Changes to Enable Plant-Forward School Meals

Demand for plant-based foods is growing rapidly among our youth, whether for environmental, health, religious or cultural reasons.

Merchants of Poison: How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide

Like Big Oil and Big Tobacco, pesticide companies spend millions on deceitful strategies to keep their hazardous products unregulated.

2022 Bee-Friendly Supermarket Scorecard

Without pollinators, grocery shelves would run short of a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and delicious favorites like chocolate and coffee.

Letter on IFC funding of Mavin

We are concerned that IFC continues to fund industrial livestock projects that appear to give insufficient attention to the letter and spirit of the IFC’s Good Practice Note

Letter on IFC Project 44281

We remain concerned that that the IFC approval will result in a continuation of deeply unsustainable agricultural practices in the Cerrado.

Letter to Sec. Regan on CAFOs

We are writing to urge the Environmental Protection Agency to exercise its existing statutory authority to protect communities from the harmful impacts of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), also known as factory farms.

Industrial Animal Agriculture Impacts on Environmental Justice and the Need for Federal Oversight

This fact sheet explores industrial animal agriculture’s health impacts on environmental justice & rural communities.

Di no a los mosquitos transgénicos en tu comunidad

Fact sheet on genetically engineered mosquitoes in Spanish