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Denounce – Divest – Defund Formosa Plastics’ “Sunshine Project”

The Formosa Plastics “Sunshine Project” is a proposed $12 billion, 2,400 acre petrochemical complex slated to be built in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Learn how corporate subsidies and the legacy of racist policies create a hotspot for polluting facilities like these in Louisiana, what local communities are doing to fight back, and how our finance campaign can help end the project for good.

2022 Cruise Ship Report Card

The 2022 Cruise Ship Report Card takes a continued hard look at the cruise industry to see if clean cruising is possible and in most cases the answer is still a resounding NO!

Port Infrastructure Development Program Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on how Port Infrastructure Development Program funds can help support ports.

2021 Cruise Ship Report Card

For decades, the cruise industry’s business practices have put the environment, climate, and public health of coastal communities, passengers, crew, and coastal and marine ecosystems at risk.

Port of Charleston Shore Power Analysis

Shore power provides an alternative to running auxiliary engines that has the potential to reduce air pollutant emissions in a cost-effective manner.

Shore Power Emission Reductions

Potential emission reductions from container ship shore power at the Port of Charleston

Container Ship vs Truck Idling Emissions Comparison

Enormous PM2.5 emissions from one container ship visit to the Port of Charleston

Keep Finfish Free Act Fact Sheet

The Keep Finfish Free Act (H.R. 274) simply provides the opportunity for Congress to weigh in before allowing federal agencies to issue commercial permits.

Letter to President-Elect Biden on Industrial Fish Farming Executive Order

52 organizations call on President-Elect Biden to replace EO 13921 to support domestic, sustainable wild-capture fishing instead of industrial aquaculture development

2020 Cruise Ship Report Card

Many travelers don't realize that taking a cruise is more harmful to the environment and human health than many other forms of travel.