GMO Arctic Apple scavenger hunt

Help us find where the GMO apple is hiding. Check if your store is selling packages of sliced “Arctic Apples,” let them know you don’t want them to carry it, and then let us know what you learn!

Smoke and Mirrors: Debunking the Doctored Numbers on Long Phu-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has proposed a 4,400 MW coal-fired power plant complex in the Long Phu District of Soc Trang province, Vietnam.

Failure to Comply: How Long Phu 1 Violates Funders’ Environmental and Social Policies

This push for dirty power comes despite the country’s vast wind and solar alternatives identified by the World Bank and others.

Letter Opposing Nomination of NOAA Administrator

We are writing to express our concern about the nomination of Barry Myers, the chief executive of AccuWeather, to become the next Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Financing Climate Disaster: How Export Credit Agencies Are a Boon for Oil and Gas

The world must address its addiction to fossil fuels, but not just coal – oil and gas too.

Fact Sheet: Industrial Ocean Fish Farming

Industrial ocean fish farming is the mass breeding, rearing, and harvesting of seafood in the ocean. Mainstream, industrial offshore aquaculture practices are essentially underwater factory farms with devastating environmental and socio-economic impacts.

Global coalition of NGOs call upon Equator Banks

65 Environmental, human rights and Indigenous Peoples’ organisations today sent an open letter to the Steering Committee of the Equator Principles Association (EPA), calling for new and much stronger commitments to be made by its 91 member banks on combating climate change and respecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights and territories.

Letter to Bank of Tokyo Regarding Long Phu-1

Long Phu-1 violates a broad set of environmental and social policies, including the Equator Principles, to which BTMU adheres

Chain Reaction III Executive Summary

The declining ability of antibiotics to cure diseases they once easily vanquished is a growing public health crisis.

Chain Reaction III Report

The 2017 Chain Reaction III Report and Scorecard ranks America's 25 largest fast food and fast casual restaurant chains on their antibiotics policies.