A Shopper's Guide to Synthetic Biology

A Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology

A Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology

Gene-silenced apples that never turn brown, synthetic biology stevia and vanillin created with genetically engineered yeast: these are just some of the new generation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) making their way into food and consumer products. They have come this far in the absence of proper safety assessment, oversight or labeling and many are misleadingly marketed as “natural” and “sustainable.”

Friends of the Earth and the ETC Group released a new “Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology” to help consumers avoid GMOs and find truly natural and sustainable non-GMO options.

The “Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology” provides information on:

  • Which GMO 2.0 products are in stores now or on their way;

  • Concerns about GMOs 2.0, including a lack of safety assessment and labeling, possible risks to human health and the environmental and negative impacts on small farmers;

  • What consumers can do to avoid GMOs 2.0, such as choosing organic food.

Person holding vanilla beansView and download the shopper’s guides:

Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology
Mini-Shopper’s Guide

View and download the company guide:

Check out the free GMOs 2.0 Guide to ensure that new GMOs and synthetic biology ingredients are not entering your company’s food or products.

Learn more:
  • Are GMOs 2.0 in your food and cosmetics? Watch this webinar to find out.
  • Press release: New Guide IDs GMOS 2.0 in food and cosmetics, September 20, 2016
  • What is synthetic biology? Find out here.


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