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It’s time for Kroger to do better by the bees.

Have you ever walked into your favorite grocery store only to see some of your favorite foods missing in the produce section? Unfortunately, this could become commonplace if we don’t end the use of toxic pesticides in our food system. Read More

Southeastern Grocers is 12th grocery retailer to create pollinator policy

This month, Southeastern Grocers became the twelfth major U.S. grocery retailer to create a pollinator health policy in response to Friends of the Earth’s Bee-Friendly Retailer Scorecard. The new policy states that the company will work with suppliers of fresh produce… Read More

Where Do Cruise Ships Dump Their Waste?

Cruise ships can dump waste in the oceans. Explore where they are legally permitted to dump human waste, dirty wash water waste, and food waste. Read More

Monarchs and Milkweed

Without milkweed, monarch butterflies would cease to exist. Unfortunately it is in short supply, which is leading to the decline of these colorful creatures. Read More

Why Are Monarch Butterflies Important

The loss of milkweed plants, winter habitat, and climate change are all pushing monarchs to the brink. The monarch butterfly is now a candidate to be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act Read More

It’s time for Kroger to step up to help save the bees

Without pollinators, grocery stores would run short of a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and delicious favorites like chocolate and coffee. Read More

Meijer, Target and Dollar Tree release new policies to help save the bees from toxic pesticides

Some food retailers are paying attention and beginning to step up to address the routine and unnecessary use of toxic pesticides in their supply chains. Read More

Science and public polling make it clear: New York must restrict bee-killing neonicotinoids

Contact your elected officials to support S699A, in order to protect the health of the environment, pollinators, and New Yorkers. Read More

Are bees endangered? Help save our pollinators from extinction

The Western Bumblebee is facing rapid population declines. Their situation is urgent. Help avert the extinction of these essential creatures. Read More

Banning bee-killing pesticides in wildlife refuges

Bees in wildlife refuges are losing their ability to navigate due to toxic pesticide exposure. Help Friends of the Earth to protect these essential pollinators. Read More