The beginning of the end of fossil fuels

This victory shows that the fossil fuel industry is in its last gasps, clinging to anything to remain viable. Read More

Climate, Clicks, Capitalism, and Conspiracists

QAnon, where researchers have noted an accelerated increase in membership throughout the pandemic, has become a mega-conspiracy, absorbing multiple political and cultural online conversations in the process. Read More

Facebook serves up loopholes and special protection for climate deniers

Facebook provides a loophole for climate change deniers by often exempting opinion pieces from its fact-checking program. Read More

Remembering S. David Freeman, the ‘green cowboy’

Dave was a giant in the fight against climate change and nuclear power. His lasting legacy will be the green energy “seeds” he planted across the country and the communities that are safer from his successful efforts to shutdown nuclear power and fossil fuel plants. He was a force for nature and will be missed. Read More

Fighting for my community

Yesterday, I was arrested outside the Supreme Court alongside nine other activists and pipeline fighters for taking a stand against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Read More

Nuclear power is not a viable solution for Green New Deal

The Green New Deal resolution is a bold and necessary path forward to tackle the climate crisis. To be successful, it must leave nuclear power behind. Read More

Role of carbon tax in Green New Deal

Climate change is a crisis that needs new thinking. For almost 30 years, the promise of cap-and-trade, carbon markets and faith in capitalism have generated a never-ending debate that has careened toward political inaction. Read More

An Interview with Chloe Maxmin

In 2018, Chloe Maxmin became the first Democrat to win Maine House District 88. Chloe is young Mainer with a background in climate justice and community organizing. Read More

A Green New Deal to Save People and the Planet

The real answer to the climate change crisis lies in changing the way we manage, extract, use and distribute Earth’s natural resources. Read More

Karen Budd-Falen is the wrong choice to oversee our public lands

As the director of BLM she could have the power to sell off our public lands to fossil fuel interests, embolden militant ranchers, gut critical environmental safeguards, pollute our vulnerable waterways, and leave an irreversible scar on our wild places. Read More

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