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Managing to Fight Disinformation

Disinformation is a threat to the stability of democracy and undermines our ability to tackle nearly every problem we face — from addressing climate change to securing LGBTQ+ rights to ensuring public health. Read More

Latest IPCC Reports Underscore Threat of Climate Disinformation

The only path to progress is to do the reverse: unite and demand social media companies disclose their data and be held accountable for their role in perpetuating this existential threat. Read More

A Climate of disinformation: Haters gonna hate, but social media companies force us to listen

Americans should demand that Facebook take a few simple steps to show they are serious about combatting disinformation. Read More

Climate, Clicks, Capitalism, and Conspiracists

QAnon, where researchers have noted an accelerated increase in membership throughout the pandemic, has become a mega-conspiracy, absorbing multiple political and cultural online conversations in the process. Read More

Facebook serves up loopholes and special protection for climate deniers

Facebook provides a loophole for climate change deniers by often exempting opinion pieces from its fact-checking program. Read More