What’s the Real Solution to High Gas Prices?

For decades, we’ve let Big Oil and the Highway Lobby write our energy and transportation policies, making our nation more oil-dependent and auto-dependant than any other country. This has left our workers and families with few options but to use their products – gasoline and roads. For transportation, most people… Read More

Ship Shape: Introduction

Welcome to Ship Shape, a new series featuring our Clean Vessels Campaign! Friends of the Earth's Clean Vessels Campaign is working to fight pollution from ocean going vessels such as cargo ships and cruise ships. Ocean going vessels discharge enormous amounts of pollution -- from particulate matter, to greenhouse gas pollution, to raw sewage and oil spills. Ships also harm marine mammals directly through routine collisions with whales and other creatures. Read More

New Biotechnologies: No Longer Science Fiction

Gillian Madill, Friends of the Earth's Genetic Technologies Campaigner, recently testified to the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade on new human biotechnologies. Her testimony addressed the implications of various biotech issues, from bioweapons to human-animal hybrids and gene doping -- technologies already gaining ground that can present a very serious threat to human life and the environment if not approached with caution. Read More

Public Transportation, Gas Prices, and Climate

We can help American families cope with high gas prices by investing in public transportation and communities with transportation alternatives through climate change legislation. Gas prices have shot up by more than a dollar per gallon in less than four months. Read More

Coming Clean on Cruise Ships

From the Friends of the Earth Newsmagazine WITH THE ARRIVAL OF SUMMER, many people look forward to time away from school, work, and the responsibilities of everyday life. As a vacation choice, cruises have grown increasingly popular over the past two decades, making the industry one of the world’s fastest growing tourism sectors. Last year more than 9 million passengers took cruises on the seventeen largest cruise lines. Read More

Nuclear power: A false solution to climate crisis

Takes too long Read More

Killer Cribs: New Report

Killer Cribs: Protecting Infants and Children from Toxic Exposure Friends of the Earth has found that commonly used baby and children's products and upholstered household furniture contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals called halogenated fire retardants. Read More

A call to regulate aircraft emissions

Call to Regulate Aircraft Carbon Emissions Resources: Read More

EPA Administrator Must Resign!

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson plays politics with the environment, disregards the advice of his staff experts, and repeatedly violates the law. Each additional day he remains in office endangers the planet and weakens the EPA. Johnson must go. Read More

Out of the Laboratory and on to Our Plates

Out of the Laboratory and on to Our Plates Nanofood in the Grocery Aisles: Miller Light, Cadbury and Other Brands Have Toxic Risks Read More

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