Ending Factory Farm Finance

Across the globe, industrial livestock operations are a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and land grabbing, biodiversity loss, water depletion and air and water contamination, disproportionately impacting women, Indigenous peoples and low-income communities of color. Intensive livestock production also causes tremendous animal suffering and increases the risk of antibiotic resistance and new pandemics. 

Yet, under the guise of “sustainable development,” Public Development Banks (PDBs) like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) are using our tax dollars to finance giant meat and dairy companies like Minerva and Smithfield Foods. In the past 10 years alone, the top five development banks poured $4.5 billion into industrial livestock companies in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Madagascar and Kenya.

Friends of the Earth has joined together with organizations across the globe in a campaign to end public financing of these cruel and polluting industrial livestock operations. Financing industrial-scale meat and dairy operations directly contradicts pledged commitments by leading development banks to further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and align their lending with the Paris Climate Agreement. 


As we continue to fight against public financing for specific climate-wrecking animal agribusiness projects, our long term goal is to secure Development Finance Institution (DFI)  policies that will exclude financing of industrial livestock operations from their portfolios. To join our efforts and learn more about our campaign, please contact us and check out the resources below.



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IDB Invest Drops Controversial Loan to Brazilian Beef Giant Marfrig Global Foods

Public development finance should not be channeled to large-scale industrial livestock operations like Marfrig that fuel deforestation and the climate crisis.

200 NGOs Worldwide Oppose Public Funding of Brazilian Meat Giant Marfrig 

If IDB-Invest is genuinely committed to tackling climate change, it must drop this loan and stop funding industrial livestock operations

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Protecting the Amazon from rampant deforestation
Protecting the Amazon from rampant deforestation

Studies suggest that cattle ranching and animal feed production is currently responsible for 80% of deforestation across the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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