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Friends of the Earth works to advance organic for all: for our health, our families and our communities; for the farmers and farmworkers who grow our food; for the land that provides us with nourishment, the pollinators that make food production possible and the climate and ecosystems that sustain all of life.

  • Food & Agriculture Tell your state Attorney General: Stop the mega-merger of Bayer & Monsanto
  • Food & Agriculture Tell Kroger: Step up and protect bees
  • Food & Agriculture Tell Congress: Don’t strip the organic programs we’ve already won!

Science shows that organic agriculture can produce enough food to feed a growing world population while protecting our health and the environment.

Organic farming protects us from toxic pesticides, is more profitable for farmers and conserves the soil, water and biodiversity that we need to feed the world for generations to come. It is also a climate solution. In times of drought and flood, organic outperforms industrial agriculture. And compared with industrial farming, it conserves water, saves energy and captures more carbon in the soil.

The United States represents 43 percent of the global market for organic food, less than one percent of total U.S. cropland is devoted to organic farming. Expanding organic agriculture is a tremendous economic opportunity for American farmers and an important conservation strategy for our nation.

The science is clear: with agroecological methods of farming, like organic, we don’t have to rely on toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to produce abundant food. That’s great news for people, pollinators and all living things. We know that the need for resilient, regenerative farming is more urgent than ever. Industrial agriculture costs the world an estimated $3 trillion annually in environmental damage, and climate change threatens future food security.


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Trump’s USDA to Withdraw Organic Animal Welfare Rule

The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced plans to withdraw a regulation that would have set animal welfare standards in organic agriculture.

Friends of the Earth Supports Alternative Farm Bill

Instead of handing out endless taxpayer dollars to agribusiness polluters, the Food and Farm Act will provide farmers the support they need to produce abundant, healthy food while protecting our soil, water, climate and pollinators.

Nonprofits Sue Third-Largest Poultry Co. for False Advertising of Drug-Contaminated Chicken

Sanderson Farms, Inc. was sued today for falsely advertising products that contain a wide range of unnatural, and in some cases prohibited, substances, as “100% Natural.”

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Can Organic Farming Feed the World?
Can Organic Farming Feed the World?

Compared with industrial agriculture, organic farming is less energy intensive, helps pollinators and other beneficial insects flourish and promotes biodiversity.

Dirt, Democracy and Organic Farming: A recipe for feeding the world
Dirt, Democracy and Organic Farming: A recipe for feeding the world

Feeding the world is not about increasing how many bushels of grain we can grow, it’s about dirt, democracy, and our diets.

More spin than science: The latest efforts to take down organics
More spin than science: The latest efforts to take down organics

A recent Oxford University study found that “organic farms support 34 percent more plant, insect, and animal species than conventional farms,” including important pollinators.

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