How a Rockstar Lentil Burger Inspired More Plant-Forward School Food

How a Rockstar Lentil Burger Inspired More Plant-Forward School Food

How a Rockstar Lentil Burger Inspired More Plant-Forward School Food

San Luis Coastal USD Case Study 

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This case study highlights San Luis Coastal Unified School District’s Thai Basil Lentil Burger, which has become one of the school’s most popular plant-forward entrees. The Case Study features recipe costs, information, and procurement details. This story showcases how this fresh, delicious and locally sourced plant-forward meal, combined with marketing and student engagement activities became a powerful motivational tool to increase student participation in school lunch!  

Friends of the Earth’s Climate-Friendly School Food Program helps school districts make the shift towards healthy, delicious, plant forward menus. The program provides technical assistance and marketing materials, supports student and community engagement strategies, and links school districts with the resources they need in order to be successful. Friends of the Earth also partners with school districts and NGOs to advocate for state and federal policy change. For more information about our program, you can click here. To request support on implementing climate-friendly food strategies, email [email protected].

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