Friends of the Earth applauds MLGW board decision to leave TVA, urges Memphis City Council to follow suit

The board of Memphis Light, Gas and Water voted today, to end its relationship with TVA Read More

Memphis to save $130M by leaving TVA, report says

Memphis Light Gas and Water released its final Integrated Resource Planning report on Monday. The report found that the city of Memphis could save $130 million per year if it decides to leave TVA. Read More

As MLGW temporarily extends moratorium on utility shutoffs, Friends of the Earth urges city to do more

Memphis Light, Gas & Water announced that it will extend the moratorium on utility shutoffs by three weeks. Read More

Second expert study confirms TVA as bad investment for Memphis

In official comments filed by Friends of the Earth with the Memphis Power Supply Advisory Team’s Integrated Resource Plan report, another expert study confirmed the advantages for Memphis if the city ends its contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority. Read More

Expert report: Savings are real for Memphis if break with TVA happens

A new expert study joins the growing body of evidence showing that Memphis could save billions of dollars by leaving the Tennessee Valley Authority for cheaper, cleaner, and greener power. Read More

Advantages and savings in store for Memphis if TVA is dropped, latest study finds

A new report affirmed the savings and advantages available to Memphis if it leaves the Tennessee Valley Authority for lower-cost, greener power, according to a presentation by Siemens Inc. to the Memphis Power Supply Advisory Team (PSAT) last Friday. Read More

Friends of the Earth applauds MLGW’s decision to suspend utility disconnects for non-payment during coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across Memphis, the Mid-South, and the country we at Friends of the Earth support and applaud the decision of Memphis Light, Gas & Water to temporarily suspend disconnects for non-payments. Read More

Memphis Residents Strongly Support Leaving TVA, New Poll Finds

A majority of Memphis residents would like to see Memphis, Light, Gas, and Water leave TVA for cheaper, greener power according to a recent poll commissioned by Friends of the Earth. Read More

New Report: Memphis Electric Rates Likely to Increase Despite TVA Claims

Memphis consumers are likely to see their electric rates rise over the next decade if Memphis Light, Gas, and Water continues to get its power from the Tennessee Valley Authority, despite claims to the opposite by TVA, according to a new report released today. Read More

New Expert Report Highlights Potential Value of Leaving TVA For Renewable Energy Alternative

A new expert analysis reports that a growing trend of lower market prices for solar and wind power could enable Memphis Light, Gas, and Water to achieve energy generating costs lower than were identified in a report earlier this year that showed substantial possible cost savings for MLGW customers should Memphis produce its own electricity. Read More